English abstract

Our homepage 4periode.mediajungle.dk was made for the fans of the SønderjyskE Ishockey-team in Vojens, South Jutland in an attempt to create a niche media for the fans of a sport, which doesn’t get a lot of coverage except for the local newspapers, Jydske Vestkysten, coverage of games – TV3 started a livestreaming project of 8 danish hockey games (out of the 8, 6 was with SønderjyskE) just as we launched 4periode, but apart from these livestreams the danish hockey league only gets televised coverage in the play offs.

With our project we aimed to give the fans a wider and different coverage of their favorite team which they would not have been able to obtain before, as well as research what kind of content has the largest appeal to the fan base.

A part from the webpage, 4periode.mediajungle.dk, we have mostly utilized Facebook as a means of distributing our content to the users which we believe struck a soft spot with the fans. In total we achieved around 865 fans on Facebook whom both commented, liked and shared our content in a way larger scale than we had imagined from the beginning where we had just hoped for about 400 fans, even though the amount of likes and comment far surpasses the amount of shares we got – which we have no real explanation for except maybe the content has not been deemed “good enough to share”.
That said, we did get a total reach of over 34.000 potential visitors and users on Facebook which is an astonishing number considering that the number originates primarily from our fans on facebook.com/4periode liking and commenting our stories on Facebook.

Another thing worth mentioning is our own live coverage of two home games against Aalborg and Frederikshavn and a single away match against Herning. For the games we used an embedded scribblelive live update to provide an average of 863 viewers pr game with texted live coverage said matches.

We also attempted to involve our users in a story where we asked for their best SønderjyskE-story via SønderjyskEs season card holders which would have formed the basis for a interactive map with said users, their address and their story – if we had gotten more than 8 replies. Wether it comes down to the mail getting trapped in a spam filter, our inability to explain the concept well enough or that they just didn’t want to participate we can’t say.

One of our main focuses has been to tailor the content in a way so we would get the maximal amount of interaction from the users. For this we have made great use of Facebook’s own analyzing tool “insights” and a tool from the Danish company Komfo, which both give us a clear picture of what content is thriving amongst our users and what content and stories never really takes off.

The webpage was furthermore made to primarily function on mobile devices with all content being responsive in its design.